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Argan + Hemp Hair Oil

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Formulated for full-body use
Best for:
Hair, Scalp & Nails
Helps to:
Protect & Restore

While oil treatments have long been used as trusted remedies for dry, damaged hair, the benefits of natural oils for everything from split ends to itchy scalp are numerous. Additionally, hair oil is one of the best ways to nourish any hair type. If you’re searching for a natural addition to your hair care regimen, consider products with plant-derived oils such as argan or hemp.

Moroccan women have used argan oil hair treatments for centuries, while hair care professionals refer to it as “liquid gold.” And hemp oil is no longer a passing fad, but rather a proven health and beauty aid that is here to stay. Thanks to their high concentrations of vitamin E and essential fatty acids (omega-3, omega-6), A+ Argan + Hemp Hair Oil is a true multi-tasker for promoting healthy, beautiful-looking hair. The antioxidants in vitamin E protect scalp and hair against free radical damage and environmental pollutants. The anti-inflammatory properties provide scalp-soothing relief. Plus, this non-comedogenic oil won’t clog hair follicles. Argan and hemp are also packed with protein, the structural building block for improved hair health and appearance. A+ Argan + Hemp Hair Oil enhances lubrication of the hair shaft while it moisturizes and hydrates to help prevent dryness, splitting, and frizziness.

• Can be used on wet or dry hair
• A lightweight oil that’s great for all hair types and textures
• Easily penetrates the hair without weighing it down or causing buildup
• Beneficial for color-treated hair and can even help extend the life of your color
• Helps treat split ends and restores hair elasticity
• Protects against damage and breakage during washing and heat styling
• Gives hair immediate gloss and shine

For softer, shinier, more manageable hair, trust the nourishing, restorative properties of argan and hemp oils.

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Produced from the delicate blossom of the Bitter Orange tree, the fragrance of Neroli is sweet and honeyed, with green and spicy facets.

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with Argan Oil Conditioner


2oz / 59 mL

• Plant-Based
• Cruelty-Free
• Made in USA