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Baobab + Hemp Body Oil

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Formulated for full-body use
Best for:
Body, Hands & Feet
Helps to:
Nourish & Hydrate

Baobab oil is harvested from the African Baobab Tree (the “Tree of Life”), which is full of nutrients from seed to bark to fruit. And, while hemp has existed for thousands of years, it is only now being heralded as a super plant with hundreds of uses and is fast becoming an essential part of beauty and health regimens.

Our Baobab + Hemp Body Oil gives you nourished, soft, healthy-looking skin while it calms irritation and diminishes skin inflammation and redness. This soothing body oil with anti-aging properties gives skin a youthful-looking shine that glows. Baobab and hemp oils also help balance the skin’s oil production cycle, which can reduce the appearance of acne breakouts. Use as a daily moisturizer, a bath treatment supplement, or even as a massage oil. It has a silky, smooth texture that is easily absorbed so there’s no lingering, greasy feeling…just soft, supple skin. Extracted from seeds, these powerful oils work together to benefit your skin in numerous ways:

• Essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, and 9) and vitamins (A, C, D, E and K) nourish and hydrate skin, while working beneath the surface to strengthen, rejuvenate and encourage skin cell regeneration
• Anti-inflammatory properties help reduce redness, inflammation, and pigmentation
• Anti-aging properties help reduce fine lines and wrinkles
• Antioxidants help reduce free-radicals from daily environmental challenges that cause collagen loss in skin
• Alleviate dry, chapped skin; even irritating conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, or rosacea
• Help balance skin’s oil production, which means less chance of dry or oily pores that can cause acne breakouts
• Helps improve the appearance of nails and cuticles
• Non-comedogenic oils won’t clog pores
• Suitable for all skin types
• Can be applied with or under creams or lotions

Pamper your skin every day with these natural oils that are good for your skin, inside and out.

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Produced from the delicate blossom of the Bitter Orange tree, the fragrance of Neroli is sweet and honeyed, with green and spicy facets.

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4oz / 118 mL

• Plant-Based
• Cruelty-Free
• Made in USA