Agraria was founded in 1970 by San Francisco interior designers, Stanford Stevenson and Maurice Gibson who envisioned fragrant products as essential and complementary design elements for their clients' San Francisco homes. They believed that like the choice of a Biedermeier table, an Eames chair or a Viking Professional range, the way in which a home smells speaks to the overall aesthetics of its inhabitants. Whether a mansion or an apartment, a “home” is not complete without the punctuation of a signature scent.

With that in mind, Stevenson and Gibson created Agraria, which means “beautiful flowers growing in the fields.” Their debut product was their classic handmade potpourri, first tossed in the back room of their intimate San Francisco shop on Taylor Street. Full of flowers, herbs and spices, this layered, mysterious, fragrance became known as Bitter Orange. To this day it remains Agraria’s signature scent and is as modern and provocative today as it was 50 years ago.

From its inception, Agraria’s home products were created for the discerning. Classic yet current, all-natural, vegan, and qualitative in every aspect, Agraria was and
is way ahead of it time in creating luxe home products that are environmentally correct. While one can get lost in nostalgia and tradition, it is the current relevance of Agraria’s products and their applications that make them so timeless.

A scent can transport us. It triggers memories, transcends history, and can alternately comfort and excite.  It is both inspirational and aspirational.  A singular scent functions as a muse that drives poetry and acts as a salve in our everyday lives. We cling to smells, both remembered and imagined, as we do to a perfectly worn pair of jeans, a favorite recipe, or a declaration of love.

In our current world, we look to find ways to escape the stress of everyday life. Our home is an oasis of calm in the storm and we do what we can to create a beautiful environment that wholly envelopes us. Aromatherapy is no longer an indulgence but a necessary outlet to create a serene and stable environment. Today more than ever, we need to believe in the sanctity and tranquility of our home.

When we choose a scent for our person or our home, we do not take this decision lightly. It defines us. The perfect scent is an invitation to know us. It is a window into our sensual souls and must be chosen carefully, as we would a gemstone, a bottle of wine, or a statement piece of art.

To that end, every Agraria product is a precious jewel. And, like our favorite jewelry, there is an appropriate time and place for each piece. Sometimes we mix and match and other times we opt for a singular statement. Each one of Agraria’s eight fragrances stands alone as a perfectly crafted, multi-dimensional scent, but also play well together to create a sensory symphony when working together.

Whether an air diffuser, a candle, a box of potpourri, or an incense stick, each Agraria item is custom-designed and exquisitely packaged for the ultimate in luxurious gift giving and self-care. Today our AirEssence and PetiteEssence Diffusers, liquid versions of potpourri, "grow" into beautiful fragrant flowers as they absorb perfume-grade oils. Each flower is hand-made one petal at a time from paper-thin slices of sola plants grown in the fields of Southeast Asia.

Agraria is proud to introduce A+, their new line of botanically-derived hair and skincare products formulated in harmony with nature and science. The A+ body care line marks the brands expansion into the wellness category with all products made with a dedication to natural ingredients that are known to be among nature’s best for healthier hair and skin. In creating A+, Agraria used high-quality, therapeutic botanicals such as Gingko Biloba, Comfrey, Kelp, Yarrow and Arnica and the super power of Hemp, plus organic Argan, Baobab and Sunflower Seed Oils to create a line of products that are pure and beneficial for the body. You can find Agraria in hundreds of high-end decorative accessories shops and prestige department stores around the world. These world-class retail outlets understand and appreciate that Agraria is the ultimate in at-home scent and body products and worthy of their discriminating customers.

Whether choosing a special host gift, creating the ideal scent profile for your own home, or treating yourself to the ultimate hair and skin products, Agraria has the perfect option for you. From fresh and playful to exotic and sensual, our fragrances unfold like a flower or a beautifully crafted short story. They are three-dimensional with a beginning, middle, and end - never cloying and never artificial. 

 Agraria presents exquisitely designed home scent and body products that are simply a cut above all others. Once you have experienced their visual beauty, depth of fragrance, and way in which they enhance the overall quality of home living, there is simply no going back to lesser products.